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Neu! release

Currently receiving a bit of airplay on yer more cutting edge radio shows, Portishead‘s latest release has been a big favourite round Plain Or Pan’s house this week. Chase the Tear (as in what you do to paper, not what you do when you cry) starts off bizarrely enough like Joe Jackson’ s Stepping Out before settling into a simplistic teutonic/Moroderesque/motorik/krautrockin‘ (delete where applicable) monster of a track. Sounding like the best bits of Kraftwerk and Neu! it makes terrific, no, make that Can-tastic driving music. Fun fun fun on the autobahn and all that.

Chase The Tear was released a couple of weeks ago as a download, with profits going to Amnesty International. Do the decent thing here. Or steal it here.

Bonus beats!

Here‘s Neu! doing Hallogallo. The 10 minute + lead track from their self-titled 1972 album is clearly ahead of it’s time. Bowie, Eno and even oor ain wee Simple Minds were taking notes. Thom Yorke would follow suit. It’s motorik, repetitive and very very good. I think you’ll like it.

And here‘s Kraftwerk‘s The Model. In German. Das Modell. Jah! (Just so you know, that last bit was an attempt at German, not an attempt at reggae patois.)

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