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Strokes Of Genius

Huge big massive “Happy Christmases!” all round to anyone who visits here regularly, irregularly or by sheer pot luck. Aye, I’m looking at all you faceless trouser arouser browsers who stumble onto Plain Or Pan when your search engine inadvertedly directs you this way in your quest for ‘teenage fanny‘. Norman Blake & co would die if they knew how half the hits on their website materialised. Anyway, now you’re here, feel free to browse around at the tunes on offer. Like these two three belters….

Now That’s what I Call A Christmas Single!

The Doe-Eyed Doonican Delivers! 

Julian Casablancas has released an uber-rare, uber-cool 7″ Christmas single. ‘I Wish It Was Christmas Today’ is limited to 500 copies worldwide, so if you’ve not already got it you’ll need to rob a bank before contemplating eBay. Aye. 500 copies. Worldwide. Which is a real catastrophe, as, no pun intended here, this record is a cracker. It reminds me a whole lot of Buzzcocks’ ‘Everybody’s Happy Nowadays’ (or is it Altered Images ‘I Could Be Happy‘? – Shit. It reminds me of both!) It’s a contemporary new wave classic that just happens to mention Christmas in the lyrics. And the song title. And the record sleeve. Which is a pity, cos I’m going to feel pretty stupid playing this on Saltcoats beach next July. But I shouldn’t.

I don’t care ’bout anything ‘cept hearing those sleigh bells ring a ding ding

Heard it yet? Whatcha waitin’ for?!?

Well. From the sublime at one end of the spectrum to the sublimer at the other. Sublimer? Is that even a word? Bob Dylan‘s Christmas album has came in for all sorts of snigger-snigger chuckle-chuckle reviews. Which I suppose was only to be expected. Old wheezy guy not known for jollity sings songs about Santa blah blah blah. Well, let me tell you this. The reviewers were wrong. Every last one of them. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Christmas In The Heart is a decent Dylan album. Decent inner sleeve too – see Betty Page above. Top notch production by Bob himself under the aptly named Jack White pseudonym. Like that Julian Casablancas single, I’d be happy listening to some of these songs in the height of the Scottish summer. It’ll probably be snowing then anyway. They’re (whisper it) better than some of the tracks on Dylan’s recent Together Through Life Tex-Mex snooze-fest. Judge for yourself…

Here Comes Santa Claus

Winter Wonderland

It’s only taken 20 years, but finally! Something to rival The Pogues for airplay in my house at this time of year.

With Christmas Day 5 sleeps away, this might be my last post until sometime between then and New Year. I hope to have some sort of audio present available for you to download at some point in the next fortnight. Drop by again. Even if you were only hoping to find some hardcore porn. A very different sort of strokes etc etc ad infinitum…

Jack Frost nipping at your nose. And ears.

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  1. Thanks for everything this year. Quality stuff posted infrequently is far preferable to a daily dose of stuff which one must trawl through to find the worthwhile.

    Happy Christmas y’all.

  2. Thanks for these tracks. Oh, and the Betty Page pic. I love this site, thanks for all the stuff over the year and the times before I’ve been dropping in for so many gems. Have a good Xmas, whoever you are!

  3. Happy Xmas when it comes. Thanks for these, and of course for all the treats you’ve given us this past year.

    Hope Santa is good to you

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