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Teacher by day, writer by night.

Occasional freelancer.

Unofficial Official Biographer of The Trashcan Sinatras

Author of ‘The Perfect ReminderThe Story of Trashcan Sinatras‘I’ve Seen Everything’‘ published by Last Night From Glasgow.

Author of ‘A Full PocketThe Definitive Guide to Trashcan Sinatras‘ ‘A Happy Pocket‘ published by Last Night From Glasgow

Author of as-yet unpublished children’s book. (Future best-seller and pension plan.)

Please get in touch with any and all offers of music-related writing.

No deadline too tight.

Any payment just right.

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  1. Hey! What’s up? I was just going through my sidebar on my blog (Doctor Mooney’s 115th Dream). How’s the blog coming?

    Just wanted to let you know that I put up a new Dylan post!! It’s called “Bob Dylan: Black Dalli Rue 1965/1966”. It’s a compilation of alternate studio tracks and a few choice live cuts from 1965/1966!! Check er out when you have a chance!!

    Keep it up!


    p.s. I’m the guy who put up Dylan’s 65 Newport set!

  2. hi. im from west scotland too – airdrie. i was wondering if you could do me a bigg favour and tell me the websites that have information on the samples used on 3 feet high and rising. i already know about the eye know samples and the turtles one on trans live from mars, but id love to know more. i agree its a classic hip hop album, especially buddy. the combination of the drums bass and scratching fills is incredible – perfection. anyway id be very gratefull if you could tell me those websites.



  3. At last…

    Best blog I’ve found so far. Keep up the good work fella.

    Is it ok if I steal Sea Cruise by the Specials to put on my site? I’d like to put it up with Robert Gordon’s version and John Holt’s version.


  4. I can’t find a way to download the White Stripes show. ANy help? I would REALLY love to hear it. I missed going to this show and would love to be able to hear it.

    Cool blog by the way. Good taste. I found you through Doctor Mooney.


  5. hi,

    love the blog… wat else can I say..

    I once had the full track to Jeff Buckley’s Just like a Woman (which you have labelled – ‘just like a warm up’). My computer was stolen and I have lost all my jeff rarities to the scum of the erth (who will never know or care about the likes of Jeff)… i cried- just like a baby..

    Tears aside, I would like to know if you can put your hands on a full version of that.. I think the one you uploaded faded out at ”and your long time curse hurts” !!!…

    But what’s worse, is that it ends just when the most, magical, orgasmic part of that song was about to happen!! You cant imagine! Theres even a bit of chatter at the end of it like ‘that was perfect…lets go home’

    I would do anything for the full version of that version…. please do what you can…

  6. Can you change the title of the link to our Jock n Roll site, please? It’s now simply http://www.jocknroll.co.uk and, as the polls are closed for now, it’s simply The Jock ‘n’ Roll Website.


    The Cat

    P.S. I’ll add a link to your blog on the site. Seems only fair.

  7. You can’t fool me hiding behind those cd’s sir!
    I’d recognise you anywhere – brilliant site I might add!

  8. I found your website after a mention in the L.A. CityBeat. In the half-hour or so that I’ve been cruising around (and downloading my fool ass off), this has become my favorite music blog. The term “embarrassment of riches” comes to mind.

    Thank you so much for all the work you’ve been putting in to this. I will most certainly spread the word among my friends.

    David Z.

  9. Thanks for Dylan Sings a Who. I came across it about 18 months ago but could never download it. Don’t understand Flash I guess. And then it went and I couldn’t find it anywhere else. So wherever you found it – well done. Tow of the finest artists of the late 20th century in one fab package.
    But who was behind it? wasn’t it on some musical equipment site. Or drums anyway.
    Keep up the good work, lots of great music here.

  10. im not really sure how i found myself on here, but we share a love of the fannies and early libs. fantastic mate. Cheers

  11. Check this out -keep up the good work mate !



    Microtrix are a west London based musical collective with members from a variety of musical backgrounds’. Between them they have been involved in projects ranging from house and drum and bass to indie rock and even Manga film soundtracks.

    This five-track promo is an introduction to their forthcoming album A DIFFERENT PLACE due for release later in the year.

    “On The Radio“ is a twisted break beat house track, built around an infectious loop.

    “On The Radio“ DAB Mix sustains more dance floor damage with a deeper straight up house mix.

    “Can’t Believe” features the shimmering voice of Italian singer Ilaria Graziano mixed into a smooth electric cocktail bound together by a 2 step beat. This combination conjurers up the spine tingling sensations of a long hot summers night.

    “Closer – V Edit” with Adam Parker on vocals this is the tale of a bitter relationship turning toxic. It’s a heavy duty straight up electro rocker with guitar and piano. A promo video directed by the acclaimed director Winstan Whitter is on its way.

    “Closer Instrumental” as it says on the label this is an extended instrumental version losing the guitars and vocals leaving a spacious electro groove.

    The release of the album A DIFFERENT PLACE is due towards the end of the summer although you can expect another sampler with extra mixes before that.

    More on that and live shows soon…………


    Dij : 0044 7804958354

    Kyan : 0044 7956173793

    Info : info@microtrix.net

    Website : http://www.microtrix.net

  12. stumbled on your site and am really enjoying it. playing around with those stones files.

    thanks again and i added you to my blogroll (for whatever that’s worth)

    all the best

    the nazz

  13. Cannot…okay I will…tell you how bright your site has made my date. Preparing for a camping vacation and putting your gems on a list for fireside listening. Thanks for making music that matters retain (their) matter.

  14. Absolutely fantastic stuff. Been raiding it for a few months now so thought i should express my gratitute. You’re taste is almost faultless!

  15. Nice work. Hope you get credit for it and a wee job with a mag. I stumbled across your site.
    I got you bookmarked..Jed.

  16. The festive break has done you the power of good young sir – you’re back better than ever – keep on burnin’ baby !!

  17. hey, just got introduced to your website. really good! love the 10min. revolution! thanks for keeping up after your internet police setbacks! now to my real question…..any way to put that Saint Etienne ‘Boxette‘ back up? would love to hear! thanks for the blog!

  18. cush double cush … great blog myndkindofmusic
    as m j said dont stop i/we car’nt get enough .. thanks too our friend over the border … toon army xcumbyex

  19. ‘Cocktails’ by The Green Shroud

    in June 2009 we’re releasing ‘Cocktails’, an album haunted by the ghosts of Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Henry Mancini & Serge Gainsbourg, and served up with an electronic twist.

    We were wondering if you would like a promotional copy, and if you would post a track or so on the blog if you liked it?

  20. First of all.. LOVE the blog.

    Wondering- is there anyway to update any of the older links- says you’re out of bandwith.

    You have a ton of Jeff buckley stuff i”d love to DL .


  21. I hope you got that ITM Japanese translation. My email was buggered, so you might have got ot twice.


  22. Hello,
    I couldn’t find any contact e-mail, but here goes.
    Me and some friends [we’re all from Chile] have a webmag about different arts…
    Thing is, I’m the music section editor, and wanted to ask if you could collaborate with a piece, for the mag, on The La’s [I adore that band, but sadly, no one here knows them, so I wanted to do some sort of “rescue”, and present them to chileans. We did something similar with The JAMC].
    Sadly, we’re all students, so we can’t offer anything back, other than a firm hand-shake…
    And, also, I’d have to translate the essay to Spanish.
    Send us an e-mail if you’re interested, and I’ll fill you in on more details.


  23. Trash Can’s at Schubas, Chicago (6 blocks from my apt).

    All I thought about was you.

    C. Mc at ntl blah blah disnae work.

  24. Hi,

    Looks like a great blog here, would really like to hear some of these old maser tapes, but when i click on one of the download links, its says that you don’t have sharing enabled on your ‘box’ account!? Am i being supid!? (wouldn’t be the first time)

  25. please please,(get it?) repost the beatles swedish radio show! your box.net account does not work anymore! would love to hear! still an awesome site! keep up the good work!

  26. Alright there. Just reading about & downloading the Beck doing Velvet Underground & Nico & the comment about some bits sounding like The Beta Band got me thinking about a session they did in ’97 for the Radio 1’s Evening Session. One of the tracks was on a cassette that came with the NME or Melody Maker a few months later. The track, Shepherds Dub has always been one of my faves, mixing the famed pots & pans sound with all sorts of sampling & percussion tomfoolery & a nice big bass-line to boot. I’ve always wanted to hear the rest of the session but never have….. Any chance you have a recording of it because like The La’s Kitchen Tape before it, it’s a holy grail i need to find!

  27. This is the best, most thorough music site I have ever encountered. Question: I downloaded some RAR folders and the music files come out as WMA… is it possible for me to convert them to MP3?

  28. I’ve been reading your blog for fewer than five minutes and I’m already in love with your style. Great stuff…you have a new dedicated reader for sure.


  29. Somehow I missed the Saint Etienne Boxette CD’s. I am a big fan, and have all their studio records. Any chance of reposting Boxette? I’ve clicked on the Cd1 Cd2 Cd2&3 links and doesn’t seem to work. Would be very grateful if there is anything you could do. Thanks, David in New York
    Thanks for all your generous gifts of music.

  30. Hi Phil,

    Strange question I know but it’s really bugging me and I can’t find the answer anywhere. I’m thinking you’ll probably know it.

    Exactly where was the house in Devon, that the La’s Kitchen Tapes were recorded? I ask becuase I live in Devon, in a seaside town and it would be amazing to think that Mavers and Co recorded the tapes in my home town.

  31. Apparently you’re interested in jobs touted by editors of music titles. I may be of assistance – drop me a line and I’ll explain. Sandie Shaw/Paloma Faith/Sophie Ellis Bextor. Cheers, Robin

  32. Hey man, since I know you were droping in from time to time, I was wondering whether you happen to know if thelas.org has moved somewhere else or is it down for good?

  33. Hi, we like your blog and would like to send you promotion material from good new indie music. Is it possible to get your mailadress? We deliver music via dropbox and don’t attach music to our e-mails. Cheers & Thx! Sven

  34. Pingback: chair rocker
  35. Hey man, I just wanted to say I love the blog and I’d love to send you my band’s album for review. If you’d like you can hear it at http://www.goperiscope.net . We have also done official and unofficial remixes for Kid Cudi, Christian TV, Kelis, Drake, Hellogoodbye and Blake Lewis. Just let me know if you’d like me to send em over. Thanks!

  36. Hello, my name is Daniel Pam Brazilian songwriter currently based in Barcelona, Spain. First of all, thank you very much for the job that you’ve been doing, you are making a really important bridge between bands and listeners, in a very democratic and clear way. After so many years being squeezed by the record labels we can finally see a significant change into the music scenario….uhuu!!! Viva la revolucion!!!

    The reason that I writing you it’s because I’ve just released my first solo Album “sense of self”, after 15 years working with many different bands in Brazil, UK and Spain. Basically It’s a Brazilian funk fusion. There are songs in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
    I’d love to have my album available in Plain and Pan,please let me know if you are interested and I could send the tracks over for you.
    If you want to check them, you can visit my Youtube channel at the link bellow.

    I look forward to hear from you
    Thank you very much for your attention
    Best regards

  37. Please have a listen to the new mixtape I made for Clan Destine Records featuring Joy Division, Party Trash, Ela Orleans, and Bad Life.

    BAD LIFE – Expect Resistance
    Joy Division – Decades
    This Mortal Coil – The Last Ray
    Rappeur Qualité Prix – Poitrine
    Ela Orleans – Light At Dawn
    Ouija – sarah tonin
    Party Trash – Father
    Party Trash – The Brood
    Spastic Joy – Hello Good bye
    This Mortal Coil – The Lace Maker
    Mascara – ghosts/blanket
    voctave – radioride feat. ben defaman on bass
    IDTAL – witby (Nattymari Obliteration)
    Among The Bones – Under Earth and Soil


  38. Hey – don’t have a band, don’t have a blog…I’m just writing to say thanks for the great columns & essays & downloads. Found your site via Vinyl Villain and really enjoy it. Excellent writing throughout and outstanding musical selections.


  39. Hey Plain or Pan,

    Love your blog and recently loved your article on Tim Buckley,
    I know you don’t often write about new rising artists but I wandered if you could take a look at this. If you are interested in Tim and Jeff Buckley then I suspect it may just be of interest to you:

    Luke De-Sciscio’s sound is as ethereal as it is engaging. Lyrics that could easily stand alone as flawless pieces of poetry are enveloped in exquisite melodies, that are not only passionately written, but passionately delivered.

    Luke De-Sciscio’s songs are honest and viscerally beautiful and his voice hints at a talent unseen since Jeff Buckley.

    Luke De-Sciscio not only has the talent but is beginning to amass the credit that such talent deserves, when a recent duet with folk starlet Audrey Aroha was blogged about by several online music blogs no one anticipated that it would spend the next 7 days in the Hype Machine chart for the most tweeted about tracks on twitter, let alone in the top 10 (peaking at number 8.)

    The track, ‘I Could Not Feel More Than I Do Now,’ which was written by Luke De-Sciscio for the pair showed an evolution in his songwriting ability, a small jump that his gave his alternative sound a more engaging, audience friendly appeal. It appears then that Luke De-Sciscio is rapidly becoming a very important songwriter as his latest track, ‘Happy New Year, I Love You’ continues this trend.

    ‘Happy New Year, I Love You,’ was written and recorded on the first day of this year, but its appeal is a valid now as it was then and it was as valid then as it will be in 6 months time, purely because the track is staggeringly beautiful AND nearly impossible to stop listening to.

    Here is the link to the second song the piece mentions: http://soundcloud.com/lukedofficial/happy-new-year-i-love-you

    Kind regards,


  40. Hi there, this is Renato from Octaner’s Blog. would like to hear your opinion and comments about my job…

    Honored to see it listed at your blogroll

  41. Great blog and taste in music.

    I would like to refer a band you may be interested in listening to called Turrentine Jones, a guitar-organ-drums three-piece based in Manchester. A sound somewhere in the vain of The Doors.

    If you like, you can watch their official music video ‘Slam the Door’
    Click here to watch http://youtu.be/OkKns83RJ0Y

    If you need any more information or would like to hear some more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Ben Carcamo
    Turrentine Jones

  42. Hope all is well and I wanted to introduce you to my band:

    Southbound Drive is an Austin-born Rock Experience. Four members, built by the lyrics of Scott Collins, explore the senses through a strong use of melody, anthemic choruses, and pounding rhythms. With a make-it-or-die-trying attitude, Southbound Drive strives to make music that inspires and gives hope, while rocking your fists into the air.

  43. Dear Plain or Pan,

    We are bored to death and we need help. We have a lousy office job and we want to change our lives drastically. Instead of being in front of our computers, mindlessly processing data all day, we want to be rockstars. That’s why we send you this, perhaps a bit pathetic, e-mail. We hope that you’ll be willing to help us. We don’t ask much. All we’d like you to do is listen to this music and share it with your followers. We don’t care whether we’ll make it to the top 10 of the charts or not: all we really want is to get out of this terrible office!
    Your contribution to this quest will be highly appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    download the album'”Office Hours” for free at http://thisisdisclaimer.bandcamp.com/ or at http://soundcloud.com/thisisdisclaimer/sets/disclaimer-office-hours/ and yes we are also on FB (it’s sad, really)

  44. A little current for your tastes, but check out this stop-motion video using old school toys. There’s a BLUR poster sighting on the front of the theatre, if you catch it!

  45. This is a totally personalized note encouraging you to check out my band. I’m sure you get tons of these. So.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on my band’s work. We’re really excited about it and hope you will be too.

    Plus, [INSERT PERSONALIZED COMMENT HERE]. That’s me trying to be funny.

    In any case, if you like what you hear – we have an album coming out July 21st. If you have any interest, or questions or comments, please contact me here: thetrapmusic@hotmail.com

    Here’s a super-awesome link to the first single:

    Thanks for reading this, honestly.

    ~Kevin Click

  46. Give us a listen…we don’t suck.

    We’re an indie electronic band from nyc called Neonfaith. We just released our second single. Check it out here: http://soundcloud.com/neonfaith/tied-together

    We are confident in the quality of our music. We hope you enjoy it. If you do feel free to blog, share it with friends, etc….

    If not your blog is still awesome! If you have any questions for us contact us at newyorkcheesesteak@gmail.com.


    and enjoy 🙂


  47. In celebration of Halloween, this October Dexter Strangeways will be unleashing three appropriately ominous tracks on his public and making each one freely available for download leading up to a bone chilling live performance at Camden’s Dublin Castle on All Hallows Eve.

    Where the Bodies are Buried
    download here:

    This is the first of three Cinematic tracks recorded by London based, Alternative balladeer, Dexter Strangeways; a cinematic 60’s Noir, ballad singer with an insidious undercurrent.
    Live Shows are Supported by a six piece band, including a live string section. Dexter lights his way through the catacombs of the night with shimmering torchsongs.
    Think Scott Walker meets Phil Spector with Joe Meek, Roy Orbison, Lana Del Rey, Portishead, Nick Cave, Tarantino and David Lynch.

    From Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys about Dexter Strangeways, -“What Lana Del Rey should have sounded like”-

  48. Hey! This is Nikos from Greece!
    Been checking the blog and really liked it! 😀

    If/when you have time, i’d appreciate it oif you checked my band (pulse.) out !
    We just released a new album (Another Roadside Attraction) and i’d love your opinion/critique !

    Nice to bump into you,

  49. The second of three Dexter Strangeways Spinetingling Halloween Tracks being made freely available to download at:


    1. Where the Bodies are Buried
    2. Stop Haunting Me

    In celebration of Halloween, this October Dexter Strangeways will be unleashing three appropriately ominous tracks on his public and making each one freely available for download leading up to a bone chilling live performance at Camden’s Dublin Castle on All Hallows Eve.

    This is the second of three Cinematic tracks recorded by London based, Alternative balladeer, Dexter Strangeways; a cinematic 60’s Noir, ballad singer with an insidious undercurrent.
    Live Shows are Supported by a six piece band, including a live string section. Dexter lights his way through the catacombs of the night with shimmering torchsongs.
    Think Scott Walker meets Phil Spector with Joe Meek, Roy Orbison, Lana Del Rey, Portishead, Nick Cave, Tarantino and David Lynch.

    From Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys about Dexter Strangeways, -“What Lana Del Rey should sound like”-

  50. Hey Plain or Pan,

    Faster can be streamed/downloaded for free at either:

    The video for Faster can be seen here:

    This winter we will be releasing our second LP, The Progression of Digression. On this record we will further examine the themes explored on our first record, Etc, but sonically, The Progression of Digression will differ tremendously from our previous exploits, offering a fine rain of cryptic detail, densely layered programming, and hovering vocal grace that lay within infectious rhythms.

    If you have enjoyed our music and are interested in our next record please contact us and we will send you a free promotional copy prior to the release date.

    Upcoming releases: Slip EP (Dec 1st, 2012) // The Progression of Digression LP (January 1st, 2013) // Midnight EP (February 1st, 2013)


    Promotional photos:

  51. Hey Plain or Pan,

    Midnight can be streamed/downloaded for free at either:

    This winter we will be releasing our second LP, The Progression of Digression. On this record we will further examine the themes explored on our first record, Etc, but sonically, The Progression of Digression will differ tremendously from our previous exploits, offering a fine rain of cryptic detail, densely layered programming, and hovering vocal grace that lay within infectious rhythms.

    If you have enjoyed our music and are interested in our next record please contact us and we will send you a free promotional copy prior to the release date.

    Upcoming releases: The Progression of Digression LP (January 1st, 2013) // Slip EP (February 14th, 2013)


    Promotional photos:

  52. Hey Plain or Pan,

    The Progression of Digression can be streamed/downloaded for free at either:

    The Progression of Digression, &c.’s second LP, offers a fine rain of cryptic detail, densely layered programming, and hovering vocal grace that lay within infectious rhythms. Described by Son of Marketing as “an audio experience with undefined outlines, where drum machines and synthesizers play alongside minimalistic and repetitive components accentuated by a vocal section often elusive. The synthesis of these elements leads to a picture blurred, foggy, which leaves the senses hovering in an almost anxiety.”

    Although intended to be listened to in full you may usher your attention to: Tear, Transmission, Midnight, Faster, & Slip

    If you have enjoyed our music and are interested in our next record please contact us and we will send you a free promotional copy prior to the release date.

    Upcoming releases: Slip EP (February 14th, 2013)


    Promotional photos:

  53. Yo!

    Couldn’t find a contact email, but I’ll join the spamming bandwagon hahaha.

    My band “The Thirstbusters” is releasing a new music video on February 19 for “Bad Bad Girl.” We love the music you post, and think you might like ours as well. I think we kinda fit into the whole retro sound with this one. I’ll send the updated link as soon as we have it, and am happy to provide more information.

    Thanks so much for listening. Keep it up!
    The Thirstbusters

  54. Hey there,

    I noticed that your blog covers acoustic music, so I think my music would fit your site well. My latest song, “Day of Rest” is a long, lyrical duet that builds to an anthemic end. My friend Sarah did an outstanding job on vocals! http://soundcloud.com/thespeechlessradio/

    That song is part of a new album I am releasing soon, called “Care”. It will be released for free online on February 24 at http://thespeechlessradio.bandcamp.com/album/care . If you would like to review the album, I can send you a copy in advance.

    I am a singer/songwriter based out of Vancouver and Prince George, BC. I play most of the instruments for my songs, and record them myself. I hope you like what you hear, and feel free to share my free music with others. I do this because I love recording my own work, and I love letting people own my music for free.

    If you want to know more about me, Discorder Magazine ran an article about me in November: http://www.discorder.ca/discorder-magazine/index.php/2012/11/09/the-speechless-radio/

    Michael Elder

  55. Calling All Astronauts – I Wanna Be Your Dog
    New Single – Free Download

    Following on from their Christmas No.1 on the Twitter Music Chart when they toppled Adele at one minute to midnight, London based Alternative Rock 3-piece Calling All Astronauts
    have given their electro-punk treatment to The Stooges classic “I Wanna Be Your Dog”

    CAA were the featured artist three times on BBC Introducing page in 2012 receiving many plays from Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music on each of their three previous singles.
    Numerous specialist stations worldwide have had them on heavy rotation from as far afield as Brazil, USA, Canada, Poland, South Africa, as well as receiving plays on Q, Amazing!
    Pheonix and Bloodstock Radio (to name a few) in the UK and have been featured on Ireland’s RTE 2XM. They have become firm favourites with bloggers and have had features
    in Four Culture, Louder Than War and Big Cheese magazines.

    Their seriously in your face live shows have already seen them receiving great acclaim as they opened for Echo & The Bunnymen, Pop will Eat Itself, A Place To Bury Strangers
    and Sigue Sigue Sputnik and a sell out headline show at Alan McGee’s Death2Disco.

    With festival appearances being offered for 2013 and the finishing touches being put on their debut album, Calling All Astronauts are without doubt ones to watch this year.

    “I Wanna Be Your Dog” is available now as a FREE download via Calling All Astronauts Bandcamp page http://callingallastronauts1.bandcamp.com/track/i-wanna-be-your-dog
    Or if you prefer to listen/download it without entering your email you can do so from a Soundcloud “secret link” https://soundcloud.com/david_the_dj/calling-all-astronauts-i-1/s-yFppZ

    Calling All Astronauts are:-
    David B Vocals Keys Programming
    J Browning Guitars
    Kristi Bury Bass

    CAA Reverbnation http://www.reverbnation.com/callingallastronauts
    CAA Website http://www.callingallastronauts.com
    CAA Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/planete111

    CAA Facebook http://www.facebook.com/CallingAllAstronauts

  56. Hello,

    My name is Andrew, I play in an Alternative/Americana band based in New York called Yankee Longstraw. We thought your blog was a perfect match for our style of music, and were hoping you would be interested in reviewing us. If you are interested in checking us out, our music is available to stream and for free download at yankeelongstraw.bandcamp.com. This is our debut album, but we have opened for such acts as Deer Tick, O’Death, World/Inferno Friendship Society, The Smithereens, Nine Days, Wheatus, and Days of the New. If you are interested in reviewing us, feel free to write me back here.




  57. Hi…great blog lots of fun.
    Your MP3 of Gerald white Horses would so love to hear this. If your feeling generous! Please sent to my e.Mail address. Hey I have the vinyl of the flashing blade 3 min version if u fancy a listen let me know it’s by the Muskateers on Philips.

  58. We manage SKATERS and I wanted to send you the first focus track, “Deadbolt” from their debut album “Manhattan”, coming February 25, 2014. I’ve included a link to the MP3 and to our official music video. The band has been busy in both the U.S. and UK and we’re really excited to be setting up their album. I wanted to make sure you had received this early track.

    Deadbolt – Official Music Video – http://youtu.be/55–lgQ7AT4
    Deadbolt MP3 – https://soundcloud.com/skaters/skaters-deadbolt

    Following our street date, the band will be touring UK in Feb/March, will be very present at SXSW and will be touring out of Austin through mid April in the U.S.. SKATERS played Lollapalooza last summer and a variety of European festivals including Reading & Leeds, Hurricane & Southside, Rock en Seine, Oya, Way out West, Best Kept Secret, Pukkelpop among others. We look forward to another busy year of touring in 2014.

    Here are some additional links:

    MTV Hive Live Concert Stream:

    Huw Stephens BBC Radio 1 “Deadbolt” Premier: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03bn2vj

    NME Premier of “Deadbolt” music video:

    My Old Kentucky Blog premier of “Let The Heads Roll”

    Consequence of Sound:

  59. What a wicked awesome site! I wonder if you wouldn’t mind re-upping the “There She Goes” tracks from a few years back. The link no longer works.

  60. Cheers to arty, cool teachers! My best friend 4evr and co-writer of album to release 3/3 is one of those, and I, myself, am an arts journalist that takes any pay, any deadline … We’re a band formed last year that, so far, has been said to “make grunge blush a bright pink” (DC Rock Live). Lush rock textures and amped-up attitude are responsible; and we, as a soulful/cerebral band, hope to do just that with our debut album release Have/Hold, out March 3. Have/Hold is a blend of angst, pathos, hope and pure, dark, unadulterated independent rock. You can listen to the whole, exclusive, un-released thing here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cp23aquxjz61lyv/oNIUWDQii_


    Thanks for the listen.


  61. Hey how are you? Love your site, a friend directed me to it as a possible good fit for a record I ust put out.

    My band Black River Manifesto just released a new EP and I’m sending it over for consideration for your site.

    The record can be streamed here: http://blackriverquartet.bandcamp.com/album/motorcity-ep

    There’s also a new video to go with it, bio pics etc, all of which can be found here:


    Let me know if you’re interested in getting DL codes or any other info.

    Thanks a lot for your time if you get around to listening



  62. Hi, just like to post one of our videos up for your listening and viewing pleasure. We also have a new single if you’d like to review it please contact me.

  63. Hi,
    My name is Hardy Hum and I am the artist/songwriter behind And We Should Die Of That Roar.

    Herewithin (below) I send You a preview of my freshly recorded album (for digital release November 19, 2014). Aim of this mail is to invite You for a review/feature of this release and/or artist profile in GAFFA.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Keep the height!

    Hardy Hum
    And We Should Die Of That Roar

  64. Hello, I just read your 2010 review of the Marymass Folk Festival Open Stage competition. I was there that night, in fact I was one of the ‘ contestants ‘.
    I enjoyed it very much! and it’s nice that you think that the ‘ winner’s ‘ were head and shoulders much better and above everyone else! and of course it’s not because 2 of the trio happen to be your parents.
    Here’s what I think, local band, who happen to play for the folk club there. The judges are friends of the band! and 3 people will always make a bigger sound than one. The other acts were one person, myself, a young fiddler, an Irish guy and another guy who I think was a local.
    My wife and I had a lovely time at the festival and I’m thankful for the nice people we met, and yes I spoke with your parents too! very friendly people. But.. do it right! they are advertising this as a competition and the people who win are involved with the club and the running of the festival? How is that fair? If I didn’t win then the Irish guy should have won, he had been trying for four or five years he told me. Favoritism methinks! and that’s not me saying that, that was 3 locals who said to me afterwards ” you were great son, but yer no fae Irvine ” I know you don’t care about this, I don’t either really. It was five years ago! but don’t call it a competition. It wasn’t.

  65. Debut album from Merigold.

    The album lies within the americana/folk genre, has vivid and full lyrics and is released on the danish indie label Target Records. I recommend the songs “I Ain’t Ready (for your Leavin’ Now), “A Silver Cross to See”, “The Werther Complex” and “Howlin in my Ears”.

    Below you’ll also find links to the album on soundcloud and spotify among links to youtube and facebook.

    Thanks for doing a cool job!


    Single on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUS1kffmfR4
    The album on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/1KWaOrgH2cPPNHu1k4nLyk
    The album on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/merigoldmusic/sets/songs-and-reality/s-G6Zyy
    The album on Bandpage: https://targetgroup.bandcamp.com/album/songs-and-reality
    Merigold’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/merigoldmusic
    Where to buy the music: On LP and CD: http://www.targetshop.dk/uk/338073/Merigold/Songs_And_Reality_(LP)/
    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/dk/album/songs-and-reality/id968097201?l=da

  66. And is it just me or does “Find the torch, burn the plans” by Weller sounds like Speed from McAlmont and Butler !

  67. We are Lucifers Beard, a 3 piece rock band from Shrewsbury, UK. We are going to be releasing our new EP, Y E T I in May. It was produced and mixed by Tristan Ivemy and has 3 fresh, original, and interesting songs that we are really proud of. We’ve included what will be the first single ‘Black & Blue’ here and we hope you like it.

    All the best,

    Joe, Chris and Peter.

  68. Hi,
    I’m writing on behalf of Rescue A Family who are a fun synthpop duo from London who formed three years ago. I’d like to tell you they met at 4am while dialling out at a warehouse rave and decided then and there to become 2016’s next big thing, but in actual fact they met in a way that was just so damn 2012, via an ad on gumtree.

    The band is Lil Ashton (melodies, lyrics, vocals, visual art, insectoid mewling) and Ed Lawrence (music, production, visuals, a damn fine cup of coffee). They’ve been accused by one reviewer of being too 80s (if such a thing exists), and, yes the melodies are inspired by 80s synth-pop pioneers. But for their synths think more of 90s video games. For their drums think 00s indie synth-rock. Their soundscapes are inspired by contemporary dream pop greats like Beach House and synth pop leaders like Purity Ring. Vocally, think AlunaGeorge meets Grimes.

    A misguided pastiche? Or something unique and special? If you think it’s the latter, perhaps you’d consider writing an introducing piece on them?

    Have a listen here:


    Rescue A Family has already released a full length album (Binocular) and two EPs (Myopia and Hyperopia). They’re now hard at work on a new EP to be released in May, working title ‘Telescopic’.

    Nikki Andrews

  69. So, just fyi, John Peel championed my early rap record on Profile records in ’89. It was titled “The Signal.” Someone posted it on youtube, here’s the link:

    As you will hear, it was kind of experimental for it’s time. It did chart over there in the U.K. though.

    I’m Mesh, the guy mc’ing with my partner DJ Flasha.

    I was one of the first white rappers etc.

    Here’s my music now:


  70. Hi.

    Check out this new remix by Clairmont of the Diana Ross song “Take me higher”.

    Clairmont is a young and talented producer from Norway. He has a lot of upcoming songs that will be released soon.

    Recently blogged about at:

    SoundCloud Profile: https://soundcloud.com/user-780380066
    SoundCloud Song Link: https://soundcloud.com/user-780380066/tracks

    -The Clairmont team

  71. Hi there – love the blog, but, as l’m an idiot, l can’t work out how to download the Plain or Pan compilations without having to sign up to the pop9 box. It just says l can’t preview rar files when l attempt it, and nothing happens.
    Apart from that – excellent stuff!

  72. Hi,

    A lot of my downloads were deleted by the Internet police a few years ago. Some can be downloaded by right clicking and saving, but the compilations are hosted elsewhere. If you click it and aren’t taken to a download page, it’s deleted I’m afraid.

    Thanks for commenting.

    Sent from my ayePhone.


  73. Hi. Craig Fat G here. Hope you are all well in these crazy times. I feel outdated. Can you help us out?
    Looked at the site and I recognises what it is and there’s bands I know. Good work.
    Im a Comedy Rock artist (Flight of the Concords, Stephen Lynch) and finding it hard to get my music heard.
    I am releasing my 2nd album ‘Doing a Difficult Number Two’ and was wondering if you’d be able to give it a listen and let us know what you think.
    If you’re interested or know anyone who is, please let me know who I should get in touch with.

    Thanks for your time,
    Stay safe,
    Fat G is… Doing a Difficult Number Two – https://soundcloud.com/fatgmusic/sets/fat-g-is-doing-a-difficult-number-two/s-t0iQnAUQN9A

  74. I’d like to introduce you to The Early Sixes, an acoustic-electric rock band with a unique electronic-folk sound that draws on inspiration from Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, The Killers, and Jimmy Eat World. Our new album, Navigate, created in partnership with Grammy-nominated producer Rob Kleiner (Sia, David Guetta, Flo Rida), is due out Oct. 9 on all major streaming services. Our first single, Chase The Sun, is slated to release on Sept. 4.

    We’ve created a Navigate Media Kit, which features exclusive audio files for the 10-track LP, release + single information, background on the band, and a press-ready photo.

    We’d be so thrilled if you gave it a quick listen and considered writing a review. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

    Thanks so much for your time,

    Nate, The Early Sixes


  75. Craig,

    Interested to know if you ever got any photos with your holiday buddy back in 1993?

  76. Hi Craig – great blog you have here. stumbled on it a few days ago and been spending my free time reading and getting introduced to music I missed along the way. I am currently obessed with learning what I can about the La’s, your articles have been very informative and enjoyable. I was wondering if there is still any chance of getting the file with the various versions of There She Goes, I have some of them but not all. The links seem to be dead. Any way, keep it up. I look forward to each new post I read. Thank you.


  77. Hi Bill. Thanks for finding the blog and taking the time to leave a comment. I could happily write about The La’s all day long. Those tracks – if they’re not there anymore it’s because the internet police found them and deleted them, sorry. I daresay if you look hard enough in the darkest corners of the internet, you’ll turn most of them up. They’re not too obscure once you start the hunt.

    Sent from my ayePhone


  78. Hi Craig,

    I decided to contact you after browsing through your latest reviews and seeing that you do cover indie music with a similar vibe to ours.

    We have a new song coming out on the 15th of March and would love for you to feature it on your blog.


    We’d make sure to share the content you post with our followers.

    Thank you for reading/listening.

    Luca (singer from ANIMA)

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