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I’m not a fan of posting new releases. There’s a million other blogs that do just that, and do it far better than I can. I actually don’t know enough useless information about new artists to make anything I write about them remotely interesting, so tonight I feel like I’m swimming a wee bit out of my depth. However, once in a blue moon a new track comes along that blows me away. Tonight that blue moon is shining once again.


I’ve been aware of Animal Collective ever since my pal Quinny mentioned them a couple of years ago. I’ve even got myself a real bought and paid for ginuwine CD copy of their latest album, ‘Merriweather Post Pavilion‘. More shame me, but I never paid much attention to Quinny’s goings on about them, or even the new album. I wish I had. Their new single, ‘My Girls’ has been getting tons of airplay on BBC6 Music. Why didn’t I notice that track that one time I played the album, I thought.  It’s like the Flaming Lips trying to play New Order, I thought. It’s got handclaps and bleepy noises and everything on it, I thought. It’s one thumping bassline away from You Got The Look by The Source featuring Candi Staton, I thought. It’s ripe for remixing, I thought. Pity then, I thought, that the Animal Collective are generally not for the remix game. Strange, given that their sound relies heavily on old keyboards, samples, loops and found sounds. Thank goodness for t’internet.


From seemingly out of nowhere I found about half a dozen remixes of ‘My Girls.’ I’m not sure how official they are. It could be that some wee guy made them all up in his bedroom with his laptop. Bits of some them sound as if they were. Others sound fantastic. See what you think…

The original version is here.

The Hatchmatik Disco Bootleg is here.

The Gigamesh Proper House Remix is here.

The Mexicans With Guns Remix is here.

The Dave Wrangler Remix is here.

The Swine Forkbeard Remix is here.

The Skinny Friedman DJ Edit is here.

Phew. I’m off to reacquaint myself with the album. It looks like this…


I’ll tell you what it sounds like later.

Maybe I didn’t waste that tenner after all.

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