That’s why I’m queasy like Sunday morning

And Sunday afternoon. And probably most of Monday too. Hangovers. Phhhhhhh. Not had one for a while. This one’s a cracker. I had it all planned that I would put up a couple of rip-roaring posts today, but that’s just not happening.  Got that constant sicky feeling and my head feels like, eh…..eh…..I dunno. Tch. You know what it feels like. Well. You think you do, but this one’s 10 times worse. This hangover is a killer.


I’d love to be under the covers with Tom Waits or Nick Drake on in the background. But with Plain Or Pan juniors 1 and 2 and a Mum who expects the Best Mother’s Day Ever, this idea is an absolute non-starter. Instead, the next best thing – Here‘s Tom Waits doing ‘Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet’, his collaboration with Gavin Bryars from 1993. It starts with a sample of a tramp singing the title over and over and ends with Tom Waits growling the same line on top of the saddest string section imaginable. If they were brave enough, Disney could score a film using this track. It’s melancholic, soulful and the perfect soundtrack to the hell that is my heid right now. Like it? Try this version from a Denver radio station broadcast in October 1999. Just Waits and a piano. Taken from a bootleg called ‘You’ll Like This One’. Aptly named.


Just in case you’re in danger of slashing your wrists and ending it all forever after putting yourself through those 2 tracks of downbeat maudlin melancholia, here‘s a raucous wee track to put you out your misery.


The Grand Poobah, the King of the Hangover himself, Shane MacGowan‘s limited release from 1994, ‘That Woman’s Got Me Drinking’, featuring none other than Captain Jack Sparrow himself on guitar. Johnny Depp, in case you were wondering. Sounds like The Pogues doing Motorhead. Now there’s an excellent concept.

Business as normal from tomorrow folks. Stay with me!


That woman’s got me drinking

2 thoughts on “That’s why I’m queasy like Sunday morning”

  1. What is it with everyone just now?? Drew from Across The Kitchen Table was also mumping about his hangover on Sunday morning.

    Yer all softies.

    4 vodka minatures on train from Glasgow – Arbroth on Saturday afternoon (pre-match)

    4 vodkas in Tattie Neuk Bar (pre match)

    2 vodkas in Victoria Bar (post match)

    4 vodka minatures on train Arbroath – Glasgow (post-match).

    Watched ‘The Dark Knight’ in a drnken stupor at home on saturday night. Woke up on Sunday feeling fine.

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