Out with the old, in with the new

Or, out with the old missus, in with the new girlfriend. Paul Weller won’t want you to see this picture of him and his new squeeze lying pissed as the proverbials in some street in Prague last week, but it’s a belter. His trousers still look remarkably pressed and pristine, right enough. Even in a right old state he somehow manages to retain a sense of style. Old mods, eh?


From the floorboards up he once sang. Here‘s the Lynch Mob remix.

Happy New Year to you all. Come back next year when I plan to be blogging much more frequently than of recent, with tons of interesting stuff. Pour me a Johnnie Walker red and let the countdown to the bells begin. Cheers!

*updated 2nd January. At some point in the near future I’m going to compile all those fantastic Lynch Mob remixes that have been done and put them up here. If you’ve never heard them they’ll blow the cobwebs out your ears. If you have heard them, you’ll realise that they would make an excellent mini album for yer iPod or the car. Until then, here‘s the Tone 396 remix of ‘Come On, Let’s Go’. (Got myself a new file host. Testing the water) “Sing you little fuckers, sing like you have no choice!”