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Never trust a hippy

Neil Young. He’s a cunt. He hasn’t played these shores in 5 or 6 years, but he’s back next year for a few shows. Well. 3 shows. If you have a spare £65 you could go. Except now you need about £150 for an eBay ticket cos all the tickets have sold out. Either I have morals or I’ve missed the boat. Morals first. There’s no way I’m paying £65 to see Neil Young in 2008. This Neil Young maybe…


Or this one….


But this Neil Young……………….?


Nah. I don’t think so.

Did I miss the boat? A few early risers got it. Order the tickets. Have no intention of going. Pop them on eBay for £250 a pair. Maybe I should have done likewise. Made a tidy wee profit and paid for Christmas. Either way, Neil’s made a tidy wee profit too. How come it cost £25 to see him last time around, yet the very next show he plays in Scotland will cost you almost 3 times that? Never trust a hippy. Especially one with a big ranch and a healthy bank balance. Rant over. Enjoy the music..

Supergrass ‘The Loner’.

Heavy on the hammond. Heaven on the ears.


10 thoughts on “Never trust a hippy”

  1. Valid assessment. Then again, try to see any of these old geezers these days and you’ll be expected to sell your soul, your first born… My girlfriend and I passed on the Stones and Neil Young a few years back, but we couldn’t pass up a chance to see B.B. King and Bobby Blue Bland. Even at 80 bucks a seat. I guess get in where you fit in, huh.

  2. I saw both Neil Young and the Rolling Stones in Hong Kong a few years back for a more reasonable price. But that was thanks to the Hong Kong government sponsoring a series of “feel good again” concerts after the SARS outbreak. Wait for an epidemic, and maybe you’ll get ’em cheap too.

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