Coke still got soul

Hello to all you new people who have found Plain Or Pan by googling for Coke advert music. I like to fill my reader’s requests, so here’s a couple of Coke tracks that have been asked for recently.

First up the Bee Gees. Rumour has it that in 1967 when they recorded this jingle, the struggling Bee Gees were happy to receive payment for doing the song not in cash but in gallons and gallons of Coca Cola. A couple of years later, they found themselves bloated (Barry especially) and in drastic need of dental repair work to their teeth – no Diet Coke in those days, more sugar. Two of them were that badly affected by the fizzy black stuff they were never seen again. That’s why the other three’s teeth looked so white, shiny and new round about Saturday Night Fever. They’d just got new ones because all that Coke had melted their real teeth. Years later, the Bee Gees were rumoured to enjoy a different variety of Coke, but the Plain Or Pan lawyers have asked me to stop there.  (Some of this story may not be entirely true, by the way).


Watch out for that sugar, boys

Next up, The Easybeats. Australian garage rockers who featured George Young on guitar. George’s wee brothers Malcolm and Angus would find fame, fortune and no doubt Coke with AC/DC, but that’s another blog posting sometime. The Easybeats were most famous for ‘Friday On My Mind‘, which David Bowie did well and Gary Moore did not so well. Their Coke jingle sounds garagey and punky, like most of their stuff.


“Bowie likes us? Monday I got royalties on my mind.”

Jerry lee Lewis is no stranger to controversey. Guns, under age shenanigans/marriage with his cousin, a whole lot of something goin’ on. His Coke jingle is bloody fantastic. Sounding like it’s straight out of Sun Studios 1956, it rocks, rolls and stops just short of the one minute mark. “The Real Thing! Jerry Lee Lewis for Coca-Cola!” Get it while you can.


Once more, with feeling Jerry.

Lastly, “Hey there Wild Things! Here come The Troggs!” Coming on like the Monkees, The Troggs are quite refined. Not their usual garage driven bluster at all. Kitsch doesn’t half describe this track. Reg Pressley’s spoken ad-libs are magic. It’s the real thing!


For those of you who don’t go through the pages of this blog (why not?), there are more Coke jingles here.

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