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Come on down(load)……the price is right.


As you probably know by now, Radiohead have surprised everyone by making their new album (In Rainbows? Hmmmm, sounds like a Mariah Carey record) available for download from next Wednesday, 10th October. In a move meant to scupper the illegal downloaders and leechers, they’ll let you order the whole album as a download for whatever price you fancy payingYou can pay a pound for it if you like. I bought the super-sexy box set version that gets delivered in December. There’s nothing better than holding a real copy of a real album. Especially when the box set also includes 2×12″ vinyl records and a second CD of new stuff. Until then, next Wednesday’s download will do very nicely, thank you. To celebrate, here‘s the 1997 version of Radiohead wearing their prog influences proudly on their skinny fit sleeves by doing Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ sometime around 1997. I think it’s from a charity album or something. It’s very good. Some cello, some backwards guitar and a whole load of tortured artist vocals that don’t really sound like Thom Yorke. If anyone knows any more about this track, cos I clearly don’t, please let me know. If you’ve never heard it, it’s worth the download.

If you’re a guitar geek, here’s how Thom set up his gear in 1997…….


Of course, these days he plays a bit of piano, some Apple Mac and a smattering of Fair Trade wooden spoon. But you can’t have it all.

 Edit. What price did you pay for yours? A survey.

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  1. Hi I’ve just been given the tip off about your marvelous site by my ol mate marmite boy, and what a ‘banker’ of a blog you’ve got going on here!This is gonna cost me hours of my spare time downloading all these tasty nuggets and hidden winners.

    I recently started a blog a myself and have got a few covers on it you may like to pop over and have a peep at including;

    Ray Charles and Billy Preston – Agent Double O Soul
    Tom Jones and Janis Joplin – Raise Your Hand

    and these,
    Lulu and Johnny Cash – Games People Play
    Cilla Black and Bryan Ferry – It’s My party

    I’ve also added a couple of Beatles bootleg remixes, and have a got tons more tasty treats lined up for future features

    Love the covers and keep ’em coming


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