Free music DVDs? It’s a sign o’ the times!

Prince has gone and done it again. Hot on the heels of giving away his new album with the Mail on Sunday, he’s only gone and let this Sunday’s Observer give away the brilliant 1987 concert movie of ‘Sign O’ The Times’. I for one will be rushing out to buy one of the only 2 or 3 copies of the Observer from the local Spar.


I’ve been going through a wee Prince phase recently, as about a month or so ago I downloaded a 4CD bootleg of the Sign O The Times Tour Rehearsals from Dimeadozen. Some of it is absolutely fantastic and some of it is jazz shit/shit jazz. Here are some of the best bits.

Sign O The Times. Extended intro. Instructions to the band. Guitar wah-wah’d to death. As the man himself says, Oh Yeah!

1999. Stay with the drums. Make it tight and funky. Boom Boom! Sounds a bit like James Brown. Also sounds like a rehearsal. It would’ve been alright on the night, no doubt.

Kiss. Uh! Gimme the horns ‘gain. This veers close to jazz shit/shit jazz. Not a patch on the single version, but kicks the arse out of Tom Jones’ version. Of course.

U Got The Look. 2, 3, huh! No Sheena Easton on this one. I assume it’s Sheila E who sings her part here.

Starfish & Coffee. My favourite track from the original album. Complete with bum note at the start (“Nice goin’! – Sorry ’bout that!”) Great vocal on this one. And great backwards-sounding drums.

Let’s Go Crazy. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called…shows. Listen out for the blank bits. Those ‘spontaneous’ audience participation bits are actually well-rehearsed. Who’d’ve thought it?! Listen too for Prince’s guitar. Bloody brilliant. Distorted and rocked out. His Boss Digital delay pedal must’ve gone through an awful lot of batteries. Great ending.


* Next week’s Observer on Sunday is giving away Talking Heads ‘Stop Making sense’ concert movie. Holy moly!

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