Coke got soul

Following on from a previous post a while back, here’s more Coke commercials from the 60’s. All soul tracks, all fantastic. 


Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell were well know for their duets (It Takes Two, The Onion Song, You’re All I Need To Get By etc etc). Less well known perhaps is the fact that Tammi rarely ever sang on any of these tracks. A hopeless alcoholic, she was usually replaced by any number of mimicking Motown session singers and no-one knew any better. So I have no idea if it really is her duetting here with Marvin, but this track swings like all those other tracks just mentioned.


“For the first time, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin the King and Queen of Soul, for Coca Cola.” This track sounds like they’re singing their hearts out in celebration of their love for one another – “You bring on the good times darlin’ you know that is so” and then you remember they’re singing about a fizzy drink! Sounds great though! Things go better with Coke indeed.


Otis Redding died way too young. He set the Monterey pop festival on fire. OK, Hendrix may have had yer actual flames on his strat, but it was Otis who had the whole hippy audience eating out the palm of his hand thanks to the inter-racial group (the MGs and the Mar Keys horns) and the sheer dynamism and soulfulness of his performance. You can get the Monterey video from any number of decent online DVD sellers. Do yourself a favour etc etc, and while you’re waiting for it to arrive, hear Otis put his heart and soul into a paen for the sweet taste of Coke here.


“Joe Tex talks to his baby!” And it’s a bottle of Coke! Pistol crack snare, tight horn section, tickling piano, a conservative bass line and that great Joe Tex vocal on top. Come on baby, let’s go! Here you are Quinny.

Got loads more of this stuff, so let me know what you want to hear next. The Bee Gees? Vanilla Fudge? More Aretha or Marvin? Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch? Who needs gimmicky Coke and iTunes promotions when Plain Or Pan is open for requests…..


*Added 5.12.07 More Coke tracks here!

5 thoughts on “Coke got soul”

  1. What’s amazing about it is that those commericals are better than most of the music that is produced for me to buy today. And the record companies wonder why they can’t sell anything. Sheesh.

    I’d love to hear the Vanilla Fudge. I love those guys!

  2. Tammi Terrell may or may not have been an alcoholic – I have no idea – but according to her Wikipedia biography, the reason others (possibly Valerie Simpson) recorded her later vocals for her was because she was already suffering the effects of the brain tumour that eventually killed her at age 24.

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