Bloody crap computer viruses piss me right off

Sorry folks. My PC has been virused to within a millimetre of death for the past 2 weeks. I think I’ve cleared it up, so new stuff will be up here very soon. In the meantime here’s some advice. If you find yourself virused, attach one of these onto your modem. It seems to have done the trick…..


 Julian Cope ‘Safe Surfer’





16 thoughts on “Bloody crap computer viruses piss me right off”

  1. Well that sucks, I was looking forward to more juicy downloads and music talk. I’m just off listening to the White Stripes’ new album and Buddy Holly’s greatest hits.

  2. What is computer virus .My computer has been found virus .What types i remove a computer virus.

  3. If youve already been virused you need put a whole mess of antibiotic pills in the cd rom drive of your computer.

    It will fix all present and future virus attacks 😀 😉

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