Dylanish, Hard-to-find

Unmasked And Unanimous

(Dylan fans’ll get it)

Unmasked? That’ll be the files for disc 3 of Tell Tale Signs, volume 8 of the excellent and seemingly never-ending Bootleg Series.  Unanimous? That’ll be the verdict from you, the paying public who don’t like being ripped off and conned into paying an extra £85-odd for a 3rd disc of rarities.

I ordered my copy of Tell Tale Signs a few weeks ago, to make sure it would land on the day of release. I think internet retailers are becoming increasingly lax with their service. It used to be you could order a new release about a week before it was due out and it’d arrive on the Saturday before release. These days, you can order something 2 weeks ahead of it’s release and not receive it till the Wednesday or Thursday after the release day. Yes Mr Play.com, I’m looking at you. Anyway. After I ordered the 2 CD set I read about a 3 CD set. With a free book. Shit. Too late to cancel my order. I’ll maybe order it anyway. Then I saw the price. £99.99. £99.99!!! Free delivery mind. But £99.99. For an extra CD of 12 tracks (some of which are featured on discs 1 and 2) and a nice big book. Screw that, I thought. Some enterprising kind soul will put the files up on the internet somewhere. A quick look about on Monday night and, voila, there they were. And here they are. In mp4 format though. It’ll play on iTunes and you can burn your CD from there. Stick it to The Man!

Tracks (in a .rar file) are:

  1. Duncan And Brady (Unreleased, 1992)
  2. Cold Irons Bound (Live, Bonnaroo, June 2004)
  3. Mississippi (Unreleased Version #3, Time Out Of Mind)
  4. Most Of The Time (Alternate Version #2, Oh Mercy)
  5. Ring Them Bells (Alternate Version, Oh Mercy)
  6. Things Have Changed (Live, Portland, Oregon, 2000)
  7. Red River Shore (Unreleased Version #2, Time Out Of Mind)
  8. Born In Time (Unreleased Version #2, Oh Mercy)
  9. Tryin’ To Get To Heaven (Live, London, England, 2000)
  10. Marchin’ To The City (Version #2, Time Out Of Mind)
  11. Can’t Wait (Alternate Version #2, Time Out Of Mind)
  12. Mary And The Soldier (Unreleased, World Gone Wrong)

(looks beautiful right enough)