Hard-to-find, Live!

What the fuckdiddlyuck has happened to Colonel Gaddafi’s face?

It looks like melted plastic, like someone sat Mickey Rourke too close to the barbecue. It’s the sort of look Michael Jackson might once’ve been proud of. Anyway my highly valued and respected readers, I need your help. In just over 2 weeks time I shall be making my first ever visit to New York City. I am super stoked, as you Americans are fond of saying, and I’m looking for advice.


I know many many Americans visit Plain Or Pan regularly. Some of you are probably native New Yorkers. Many more of you will no doubt have spent time in the city. So. What should I do, where should I go? I plan to visit the Empire State Building, Central Park, Staten Island, Ground Zero etc etc , blah blah blah, all the usual stuff. I’ll do the hop on/hop off bus thing. I’ve applied for tickets to both the Letterman Show and the Daily Show, found out that the diner on the cover of Tom Waits Asylum Years album is an art deco masterpiece called the Empire Diner and is a ‘must visit’ and I plan on sneaking in a wee visit to Bleeker Bob’s Record Shop in Greenwich Village. I also want to see some of the less-well known sites. Off the beaten track New York, you might say. Although I don’t fancy actually being off the beaten track. Nor do I fancy being beaten off the track by some crack-ravaged mugger. Anywhere in safe central Manhattan is fine by me. I am there for 3 nights/4 days. I don’t have tons of money, but I don’t plan on scrimping when I get there either. I’d like three decent meals in reasonably priced eateries (Italian, Chinese, whatever) and I’d like to drink in a bar that’s not too trendy (ie expensive), but I don’t want to end up perched on a stool next to Charles Bukowski in Barfly either.

Over to you my American friends (and any others who’ve visited). Where should I go? Use the comments section under the date on the right hand side to enlighten me. Apparently the tramps, sorry, bums, are fat. Is that right? If so, there’s another couple of fat bums joining them very soon…

ryan adams

Here’s some, like, major tuneage from that talented little fucker (copyright Elton John) Mr Ryan Adams. He really is little – look at the size of him compared to that amp.

New York New York Jam Version (9 min + – fantastic!)

New York New York with The Cardinals

New York New York Enmore Theatre, January this year

All tracks very different and recorded live straight from the soundboard. Top quality ‘n that.