Gone but not forgotten

Lou Reed


Poor Lou.

lou reed

In the vein of “I’m Hank Marvin” = “I’m Starvin‘”, so a new rock rhyming slang is born.

Shane MacGowan? Is he no’ Lou Reed?”

We used to indulge in Lou Reed before our nights out at The Attic in Irvine. Set you up nicely for the night ahead. Best wee disco on the planet, it was.

Poor Lou.

Here’s Lou featuring his drug buddy Bowie on those ping pong backing vocals. Not Perfect Day. Just perfect.


2 thoughts on “Lou Reed”

  1. Ah Lambrusco Red Wine, Lou Reed records (especially the unfairly maligned Sally Can’t Dance) then off to the Hotel De Croft in Dalry circa 1983 for a boogie. Home back o’ 1, nae bird, chips and gravy fae the Mayflower then the Velvet Underground’s 3rd LP and off to bed. At least that’s my rose-coloured glasses version of my teens.


  2. i was never a lou reed fan – then trainspotting came along and jeez who’s that? lou reed. so off i went exploring all lous back catalog = i am not a lou reed fan. save for perfect and a couple of velvet songs i don’t rate him. seems he was an a/h too from what i’ve read; well he married laurie so he can’t be all bad…

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