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May 20, 2012

Didn’t this used to be a rock song?” Out in the car yesterday and Miss Plain Or Pan had pricked up her ears, for once, at what was shuffling on the iPod. Normally she can’t stand my music (see Rod Stewart post below). When she’s out with me in the car, she usually asks for West FM or Clyde 1 or any of those terrible, repetitive chart-orientated stations playing the the usual conveyor belt of pop-dance fodder introduced by thick 20-somethings with mid-Atlantic twangs belying their West Coast roots. She is 10, after all. That’s why her statement caught me off guard.  “That‘s Mother Of Pearl by Roxy Music,” I reply. She’d been jokingly head banging to the first couple of minutes, where Phil Manzanera’s electric guitar gamely leads an Eno-free Roxy through a series of mumbled, muttering voices, “Woo-hoos” and “Yaaawees” before giving way to Bryan Ferry’s louch, laconic, lounge lizard drawl. “It’s kinda like Bohemian Rhaposdy in reverse, with the rock bit at the start and the piano bit at the end, isn’t it?” she reasoned. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Except that Mother Of Pearl isn’t the overplayed piece of ham that the Queen classic has since become.

Very much under the influence of the Eno-era Roxy Music were World Of Twist. Their star briefly shone at the tail end of whatever constituted ‘baggy’ and they very nearly threatened the charts on a couple of occasions, once with a cover of the Rolling Stones ‘She’s A Rainbow‘ and once with Sons Of The Stage. Sons Of The Stage is a monster of a record. Full of whooshing, bubbling synths and squealing guitars, it‘s almost Krautrock in delivery – motorik, repetitive and reasonably long. It was the second track on the bands ‘Quality Street‘ LP, long-since deleted but worth 5 minutes of anyone’s time tracking down an illegal copy online. Or a real one on eBay, I might add.

The more fashion-conscious of the monobrowed Mancs along with his band of Beady Eyed magpies recently covered Sons Of The Stage with all the craft and soul of a plank of wood. I won’t sully the blog by featuring it, but I’m sure you know where to look, etc etc, blah blah blah.


  1. David Sylvian was a terror for ripping off Roxy – the voice and later working with Eno’s pals and collaborators

  2. Sorry for not being in touch a while pal, loving the “opinions”/”bloghingmee”/”thoughts”/recommendations, etc. and mega sorry for being pedantic, but surely that should be MRS Plain or Pan, not MISS Plain or Pan (Hi Anne).

    Mr W. The Grammar Police

  3. Sorry, ONCE AGAIN, but obviously, what I meant to say was “Hi Anne/Elaine/Lorraine/Hingmy, you get the point, she’ll understand.


  4. Ah, Rockin’ Rik. It was indeed Miss Plain Or Pan – Erin to be precise. It’s nice to find you rambling and muttering your nonsense on here. It complements my own quite nicely.

    If anyone is still reading, you may be interested to learn that Rockin Rik is most famous for the artwork on this single…

    (You might need to copy & paste the address into your browser)

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