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As usual, limping just one half-step behind the rest of the world when it comes to exciting new stuff, Plain Or Pan brings you the not entirely exclusive revelation that Radiohead have once again gone under the radar to release some new material. No trumpets. No fanfares. No ads in the press. No emails to those on the geeklist. Perhaps not quite on the grand scale of things when In Rainbows came from nowhere and had most of us all in a lather and foaming at the mouth, the weekend nonetheless saw a new Radiohead track leak online. I wouldn’t be surprised if the band had leaked it themselves. Aye. It’s easy to give away yer music when you happen to be that rarest of things – a commercially successful worldwide band/brand and critically acclaimed, but still, kudos where it’s due. By today (Monday), the track’s not so much leaked online as totally drowned the world wide web’s file sharing communities in a tsunami-like tidal wave of expectant saliva.

radiohead twisted words 

It’s rumoured that These Are My Twisted Words is from a new 4 track ep called Wall Of Ice. The supposed tracklisting varies depending where you google and visits to and reveal nothing, but you knew that already. The track itself is pretty decent. Taking off where In Rainbows left us, it starts with some wonky guitar, some pattering computerised beats and a bit of atmospheric bass. Decent singing too. Not in any way forced like last week’s Harry Patch single. It’s playing as I type, and it sounds fantastic. But you knew that already too. For those of you even slower than me on the uptake, here it is.

Now keep your eyes peeled for the real thing. And let me know about it when you find anything out. Ta!

*Cheers to Paul in the comments section. Since posting the track, it’s been made available at Radiohead’s official site, here. Possibly due to it being everywhere by now, it’s free! It’s probably also slightly higher quality. It comes with a wee note from the band. It also comes with artwork (see above) which you can customise. Generous stuff!

*Postscript. This website has a really good article about Radiohead and These Are My Twisted Words.

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