Inspiring words (a short post)

I don’t normally get political on here, but I felt the need to link to this guy’s excellent post on his blog, Curry and a bit of Motown.

Stirring stuff, eloquent and straight to the point.

Here‘s Aretha Franklin‘s full, unedited extended intro version of ‘Chain Of Fools’. Hold tight for more stuff soon…

1 thought on “Inspiring words (a short post)”

  1. Ha! I found out what’s wrong with your download.
    I downloaded a this track from Silver Disc: 25 years of ACE. the description waswrong – Media Player decided that it was actually Lay This Burden Down by Mary Love. I edited it and thought nothing of it.
    This morning my own copy of the album popped through the letterbox and I put it into the PC to rip to my PDA. the whole album is WRONG in the database Media Player uses. after track one, it misses out the description for track 2 and uses the one from track three. it continues to do this until the last track which it has no name for and leaves as track 26.
    Now I have to edit every stupid description for 25 tracks.



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