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We’re Lost In Music. Caught In A Trap. I Quit…

I don’t quit. I merely quote you the lyrics of Sister Sledge. Bob Dylan holds them in such high regard he plays this track immediately before taking the stage each night on his never-ending tour. (ahem….cough….etc). Aye right.


There’s a fine line between madness and genius and brilliance and shite, and I think I may have just (very belatedly) discovered the musical threshold by which an artist can cross over from one side to the other. I say ‘belatedly‘ because the following tracks have mostly been floating about the ether for a year or so and had I not been listening to Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone on BBC 6 Music on Sunday night, they’d still be happily floating about the world wide web and I’d be none the wiser.

Just Wink

The Ballad of Sayid Jarrah

Be My Constant

The tracks in question have been recorded by Previously On Lost. As the advert says, it does just what it says on the tin. From Season 3 of ‘Lost‘ onwards, these 2 guys have written, recorded and released via their MySpace site a song a week, based on that week’s episode of Lost. Genius? Aye. The songs? Er….aye. It’s a bit Flight Of The Conchords, which is clearly no bad thing. In fact, that’s a very good thing, but I get the feeling these guys take themselves a wee bit too seriously. Anyway, their tracks vary in quality, length and genre on any given week. They pastiche doo-wop, Prince-style funk and any other genre you care to suggest. All played on the cheapest of Casio keyboards and plastic-sounding guitars and sung in the highest falsetto you could possibly achieve wearing skinny-fit cheapo Top Man jeans. If you’re a fan of Daniel Johnson or Ween they might be right up your street. Me? I love Flight Of The Conchords, but I think I prefer the real thing.


Genius at work (?)

Let me know what you think. If you dig, feel free to go to the band’s website and buy Previously On Lost‘s new elpee, “The Tale of Season 4 and the Oceanic Six“. In the meantime, here‘s The Fall‘s version of Sister Sledge’s ‘Lost In Music’.

Le money il sur la table

Il money est sur la table

The palace of excess-uh  leads to the palace of access-uh!


What the fuck does that all mean? I mean, I can speak French and that, but what’s he on about? Make no mistake,  Mark E Smith is a true madness/genius threshold straddler.

3 thoughts on “We’re Lost In Music. Caught In A Trap. I Quit…”

  1. Didn’t even know that Lost in Music was a cover. Don’t think I’ve ever heard the original, but it’s one of my favorite Fall songs.

  2. Just discovered your blog (via your guest post on Vinyl Villain) and it’s ended up costing me money after just one post! Being a big Lost & Conchords & novelty / comedy records fan, these guys were a must. Thanks.

  3. Hey don’t be dissin my pals The Fall , if you wanna know what he’s singing about tune in , he is drinking as usual waiter brings him fresh drink , therefor 2 the cash is on the table you dont have to disturb me whilst I,m lost in music Im doin a wee dip aagh I’m trapped at the table oh now my jackets caught the table I’d better dip the other way , oh this pubs been tarted up recently , I’d rather be lost in music than give a couchez about what this place looks like , stop interfering with my buzz , look i told you already the moneys on the table , oh look I was enjoying myself there , ***k you , I’m here cos I ain’t working I’m enjoying a drink and a dip to the sounds I’m payed for the drinks it’s on the table now leave me to enjoy my hard earned buzz! cretin va te faire foutre ,it’s my private place and time in this space and sound so leave my buzz alone !
    And really that is what their covers all about innit , aye is but is it no ? if ye catch ma parle am frae glasgae pal! AYE n by ra way Snoop doggy’s got the same comment cause A hit ra wrang comment button in ma fury at doonin my brairs wi the brains awright !

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