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Baby I’m Yours Double-Whammy

Watching the telly last night (with one eye on the pages of Mojo) I was paying loose attention to the Arctic Monkeys Live At The Apollo that Channel 4 were showing. Had it been exciting I’d have no doubt put Mojo aside, but jeez, on this evidence the Arctic Monkeys make the Grateful Dead look like The Ramones. My ears picked up quite a bit at the end when, over the closing credits, they played this, a lovely version of Barbara Lewis‘s ‘Baby I’m Yours’ (written by Van ‘Do The Hustle!’ McCoy, fact fans).


Now. The Arctic Monkeys have somewhat passed me by. Had I been 18, I’d have probably seen them live 30 times by now. I’d have followed them half-way round the country and slept on floorways and in doorways if there was half a chance I’d get a ticket for that night’s gig. But then, I did all that for the Stone Roses and being married with children and approaching 40, it’s no’ really for me anymore. Plus. The name. It’s not very good. I don’t want to like a band called the Arctic Monkeys. It’s all wrong. Had they been called The somethings, The anythings, The blah blah blah‘s, I’d have been paying more attention. I’m sure it’s put other folk off. If you’re reading, Mr Monkey, you might want to consider a name change. Increase your demographic. Although I’m sure you’re perfectly happy with what you have. Keep it for the kids. Grown ups cannae wear skinny jeans anyway, unless you’re Franz Ferdinand. Did you know they were pushing 40 as well? Incredibly 3 of them still have size 29 waists (I think I read that in the Sunday Post). I haven’t been in size 29 Levis since I was 19. Thank god for King Tubby on the bass. At least he brings the average waist size of Franz Ferdiand back up to something approaching normality for men of their age. Anyway, where was I?


Oh aye. The Arctic Monkeys. Yep. Passed me by a wee bit. I have the debut album but not the singles. Not that much of a fan. Had I been buying the singles, I’d have known that ‘Baby I’m Yours’ was out in 2006, as the 3rd track on the ‘Leave Before The Lights Go Out’ single. I’d have known it’s widely available on a bootleg called ‘Covers Mixtape’. I’d also have known that it was a duet of sorts with the singer from a now defunct Liverpudlian band called The 747s. I’d have known that wee Alex had a penchant for all things soulful, orchestral and 60s long before those Last Shadow Puppets bought their first Scott Walker album. So credit where it’s due. Not content with banging out generic guitar based indie rock with interesting lyrics, he’s broadened his horizons. And ‘Baby I’m Yours’ can now be regarded as the prototype for his grand vision. It’d make a great first dance at your wedding. As I mentioned in the Fleet Foxes post below, why didn’t anyone tell me about this before now?


Contrast and compare. Here‘s Barbara Lewis‘s original million-selling version. Look about online and you’ll find countless country versions, a disco version by Suzanne Stevens and a faithful re-recording for the Mermaids soundtrack by Cher. None of them a patch on the Arctic Monkeys, and that’s the truth. I’m now off to download that ‘Covers Mixtape’ I mentioned.

2 thoughts on “Baby I’m Yours Double-Whammy”

  1. Despite my age and huge waist size, I still rate this lot very highly.

    Live, they were great fun (caught them twice early-ish on at The Academy in Glasgow), but what really impressed me was that every single was taken seriously with unreleased stuff on the b-sides as well as the occasional unexpected cover.

    They played Glastonbury a few years ago the same year that Shirley Bassey was the unusual turn on the Sunday, and they played a great version of ‘Diamonds Are Forever’. Oh and they aint too ashamed to also cover Girls Aloud….

    A brilliant indie pop act who dont take themselves all that seriously.

  2. Gotta say that they kind of passed me by too, but, like you, I caught the end of the CH4 show and was blown away by the cover version. Credit due. I am over 40, I can still fit into skinny jeans, but, I just choose not to. Once a Mod, always a Mod, I guess. Great post, as ever.

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