Gone but not forgotten, Hard-to-find

Hands in the air, this is a stick up!

Now, this is a good bit of music. I’ve noticed that I’m getting a whole load of new people finding Plain Or Pan? by Googling ‘Elliott Smith’, so especially for those folks and also any regular visitors who are partial to a bit of introspective melancholia, here follows some assorted versions of 2 of the greatest songs George Harrison never wrote.

‘Stickman’ is just one of many unreleased gems in Elliott Smith’s grand body of work. Leftover from the recording sessions that spawned the material that appeared on the posthumously released ‘From The Basement On A Hill’ album, it wouldn’t have sounded out of place on ‘Figure 8’, his sophomore major label release (as our American friends would say). I have a collection of unreleased tracks loosely titled ‘Basement II‘. Elliott’s original idea was for ‘From The Basement On A Hill’  to be a double, but once he died that idea was vetoed. Shame, as ‘Stickman;’ would undoubtedly have been on it. But which version?

Stickman (Version 1) is the clearer version, with full band, backing vocals and everything in place. It features a fantastic wonky sounding guitar riff and this version is my favourite Elliott recording in the world….ever! Stickman (Version 2) is the more introverted acoustic demo, featuring some nice shakers, backwards percussion, some lovely “aaaah” backing vocals and a honky tonk piano towards the end. Kind of psychedelic naked soul bearing. Here it is.

The ghost of George Harrison playing slide guitar is all over ‘Dancing On The Highway’. Or ‘Still Here’. Or ‘Here If You Want Me’. Yep. Three titles for the same song. Each version features an assortment of chiming guitar riffs, “wooo-ooo” backing vocals just behind the George Harrison guitar part and backwards percussion. Very Beatles and very, very good. Happy downloading!

All images taken from this book. It’s a good buy.

Comes with a free CD too.

Have a poke about the site – there’s quite a bit of Elliott Smith material still available for download.