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Skunk, Skank ‘n’ Short, Short Skirts? It must be Amy Winehouse!

It’s great to see her actually making news for all the right reasons this week. Well, she would be making the news if anyone had picked up on this, but I’m sure you get my point…Released under the radar to absolutely no fanfare whatsoever this week was a rather fetching 2 Tone-inspired 7″ ep by Amy Winehouse. The ‘Ska ep’ does exactly what it says on the tin. 4 tracks, 2 on each side, of Amy interpreting Ska classics that you may or may not have heard first from listening to The Specials. I love these versions, pointless as they ultimately are. And I love the sleeve, even if Amy hasn’t looked that voluptuous since 2006. Diana Dors in a wig…

A1. Monkey Man (Toots & The Maytals)
A2. Hey Little Rich Girl (THe Specials)
B1. You’re Wondering Now (Andy & Joe)
B2. Cupid (Sam Cooke)

The vinyl ep is currently going for funny money on eBay, but the above mp3’s are a good alternative for those of us suffering from the credit crunch. As a bonus track, here‘s the Arctic Monkeys version of Amy‘s ‘You Know I’m No Good’. It also does exactly what it says on the tin. Flat singing, wrong words, half-arsed delivery. Yep. You know it’s no good. But don’t take my word for it….

6 thoughts on “Skunk, Skank ‘n’ Short, Short Skirts? It must be Amy Winehouse!”

  1. Wow, thought I wouldn’t call myself fan of Winehouse, it’s nice to see she’s a big enough fan of ska to stick to the form and pull through with some decent covers.

  2. Like Anthony..I’m no fan of Ms Whinevoice. But I have to throw my prejudices out of the window with this little lot…


    Oh and you’re right about the noramlly reliable Arctic Monkeys….

  3. Totally agreed with what’s been said. I’m glad this hasn’t been surrounded in hype and hysteria, just put out there for real music fans to enjoy- just for the love.

  4. I had a lot of doubt but upon hearing her – it works and a lot of fun. The production is pretty good too. I’m glad it was not hyped at all otherwise I wouldn’t even bother.

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