Neil Young Is A Cunt #2

Yep. He’s still one of them. The release of his long-talked about ‘Archives’ series is just around the corner. Well. September. But if like me you’ve been waiting 10 or so years for this, September is but a hold-your-breath moment away. Should be great. Cannae wait etc etc blah blah blah.

And there the joy ends. 

‘Archives’ will be released solely on Blu-Ray. That’s right. Blu-Ray! You can’t listen to the discs on your CD player. But you can play them through your telly. You would expect the box set to cost a fortune anyway, but Blu-Ray! Blu-Ray! That’ll make it super-expensive! How many people own the hardware? Does old whiny Neil have shares in the company that makes it? I think he must. Blu-Ray might sound better, but to yer average ex-hippy turned bank manager, will it be that much of a difference? Will the high notes ring that wee bit clearer? Will the harmonies soar that wee bit further? Will you notice the sound of plegm on harmonica that wee bit better? I don’t think so. I don’t believe Blu-Ray can be that fantastic. Especially listened to through your telly. Old Shakey knows the hardcore fans are going to buy the discs and the equipment to play it on but he really has gone about the release of ‘Archives’ in all the wrong way. Total contempt for his quickly reducing fanbase.

He should’ve released it as a vinyl box set. Maybe include an old Betamax tape of a classic Fillmore East show or something. Stick in a couple of packets of those cigarette papers he sold at his concerts a few years ago. Maybe even a plectrum. I’d be straight out to buy that box set. Just as well we live in the digital age. Some enterprising kind soul will no doubt work out how to .flac or mp3 the whole series and we’ll all have them by Christmas anyway. Fingers crossed. If you can’t wait that long here’s a couple of Elektra Demos recorded in New York, 1965 to tide you over. Just Neil and his acoustic guitar. On low-rate, low quality mp3. They don’t make ’em like that anymore. It’s all Blu-Ray round these parts nowadays mate. Have you tried googling ‘Archives Be Damned’? Prepare yourself for a download frenzy.

Sugar Mountain (1965 demo)

Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing (1965 demo)

The Rent Is Always Due (1965 demo)

When It Falls, It Falls Over You  (1965 demo)

Ah’m-a gonna rip you off!

Neil Young has also been called a cunt here.


2 thoughts on “Neil Young Is A Cunt #2”

  1. neil is actually doing the right thing with blue ray. Remember black and white tv? That is what standard def tv will be like to us in ten more years. Everyone will have a blue ray just like they have a dvd player now. This is inconvenient to us all right now… but imagine if all your vhs tapes were suddenly dvds. That is what this will be like for us when we get blue ray…..

    All this said….

    Records sound better than CDs. The resolution of CD is limited with dynamic range and frequency response. This means simply that analog is “more like real sound as it naturally occurs” Blue ray is capable of hi-resolution Digital. Tests by people like neil (with ears capable of hearing the difference in the power coming out of the wall and its effects his sound) have rated the sound quality as “as good as an analog sound”.

    all this means is that if you care about sound quality that
    you wont have to ever buy it again. And it may be in surround…. Thats a cool feature.

    Color tv….FM radio. the wheel…

  2. Young has been quoted as saying he will give his fans the best quality sound “whether they like it or not”. There’s respect for you!

    There are two problems here: one is that consumers don’t necessarily buy what the industry wants them to. How many sound and movie formats have never taken off even though they theoretically offered improved quality? Sony Minidisk, DAT, Philips DCC, G2000 video – the list is endless.

    Secondly, music as people hear it depends not on what goes in, but what t comes out of. The finest recording will still sound crappy on a crappy sound system – in fact many early rock records were mixed specifically to sound great on crackly AM radio, not on high end hifi. Today’s audience seem to prefer their music on the go, meaning MP3 on headphones. Will they really sit still in front of big speakers at home just to hear Neil’s immortal masterpieces the wau he would like them to?

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