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There she goes. There she goes again. And again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and

‘There She Goes’  by The La’s is the best song ever written. Just over 2 and a half minutes of perfect pop – the instantly recognisable guitar intro, the frantically scrubbed repeating drum-n-guitar clatter after every ‘I just can’t contaaaaiiaaaayyyn….‘ line, the middle 8 before going back to the chorus, the ‘she goes again and/or calls my name, calls my name’ refrain you hear on some versions, the wee 3-part harmony on the very last word……it’s all there. The best song ever written. Not that it looks like he ever will, but the royalities he receives from this song alone ensure that Lee Mavers never has to work again.


I have as many versions of ‘There She Goes’ as I could ever need. I’ve just bought the newly issued limited edition ‘Sound‘ 7″ ep that has the unreleased John Leckie version on one side and the original single version on the other. I’ve got the original red cover 12″. I’ve also got it on the blue cover 7″ with ‘Way Out’ on the other side. I’ve got the album version (on vinyl and CD, and coming soon, Deluxe Edition CD), the reissued 1988 version, the BBC Sessions version, the ‘Fever Pitch’ ep……..and they’re just the ones you could or still can buy! I also have the promo versions – the one with the alternative intro, the instrumental version, the unplugged version, the, ahem, cough, ‘live‘ in New York version that’s basically an unlabelled studio demo with added crowd effects (but very trippy and very, very good). I also have umpteen demo versions from a variety of sessions and they’re absolutely magic. La’s heaven. Trainspotter gold. Call them what you want, but if you’re a fan of a particular band and a sucker for studio outtakes this, to me, is about as good as it gets until Lee Mavers turns up at my house armed with a battered acoustic, a 4 track portastudio and instructions to “keep tapin’, la“.


I’ve recently put all these versions in the one place (a CD) and have been playing them in the car on my daily journey to work. By the time I’m out the car, depending on what day it is, I’m either the happiest man alive or I feel like stabbing someone’s eye out. 21 tracks! Every one of them ‘There She Goes’! Can you handle it? It may drive you batty or it may be The Best La’s Album In The World….Ever! Either way, they’re all here, on this handy-to-download .rar file. Play it all and you’ll begin to hear every faded intro, every subtle variation on the bass line, every backing vocal, every ammended harmony. It’s all there. It’s all magic. And it’s all been sprinkled with a generous layer of 60s dust. No artwork yet. I’ll be working on that over the school holidays in the next couple of weeks.


Lee Mavers genuinely loves this song. He often played it live twice in the one show (and certainly not cos he was told to by the record company), and if I have 21 22 versions, of which only 4 5 are commercially available, how many versions does Mr Mavers have lurking about his archives? Slevver, slevver, drool, drool, drool.


“How many versions!?!”


1. John Leckie version

2. Original single version

3. Album/reissued/Fever Pitch etc single version

4. Alternative intro (Go! Discs promo CDP547PRS)

5. Unplugged version (Go! Discs promo CDP547PRS)

6. Instrumental version (Go! Discs promo CDP 547PRS)

7. ‘Live’ version (Go! Discs promo CDP 564PRS)

8. Liz Kershaw BBC Session version 31.5.88

9. Demo #1

10. Demo #2

11. Demo #3

12. Demo #4

13. Demo #5

14. Pete de Freitas Echo demo #1 1987

15. Pete de Freitas Echo demo #2 1987

16. Pete de Freitas Echo demo #3 1987

17. Eden Session #1

18. Eden Session #2

19. Eden Session #3

20. Eden Session #4

21. Ride Yer Camel session – recorded on a ghetto blaster, Barry Sutton’s flat (date?)

*Notes on the tracklisting. I have a played-to-death compilation demo tape that a pal got me from the Go! Discs archives around 1989. The versions of ‘There She Goes’ from that tape are included here. I have no more recording info other than they are labelled ‘Demo 1 – Demo 5’. Some, all or none of them could be the legendary Hedges versions, but we’ve not long now till we find out anyway. Any ammendments to my recording info gratefully received. Come on, all you lot on Las.org – get correcting!

*Shite! Knew this would happen! You go and compile it all and what happens? You remember about that album you bought a few years ago that you don’t play much. ‘Lost La’s’. There’s a version on that. It’s not the best, but it does have an alternative middle 8, and purely for historical value it should be included too. Here’s the first ever live performance of ‘There She Goes’ from the Picket in Liverpool, May 1987.

*STOP PRESS The first 10 people to download the .rar file can email me their address and I’ll send them a free sample of 60s dust from the top of Lee’s old Vox AC30.

STOP STOP PRESS More La’s stuff here and here. Cheers.

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  1. My first laugh of the day is thanks to you – and I’ve been up since 7am and it’s now 8.08pm: “The first 10 people to download the .rar file can email me their address and I’ll send them a free sample of 60s dust from the top of Lee’s old Vox AC30.”

    Thanks for that. I foolishly shared this link w/ are singer who’s guided me through La’s stuff i never knew existed till I began to feel a bit woozy as we drove round Kuala Lumpur. In Singapore where I am now, the song is used on telly to advertise fancy jewellery. I think it’s sung by an Australian woman. Funny when it may be a song about heroin.

    I saw the La’s play a summer ball full of university rugby players in a bigtop tent. They were rather foxed and getting lairy till “There She Goes” came on. They knew the song – but not the band – from the looks of things.

  2. You quite right, ‘There She Goes’ is the best pop song of all time, just ahead of ‘We Built This City On Rock and Roll’ by Starship!

  3. Ha Ha, 7 degrees of separation between Indiepages landed me here. The La’s caught my attention and then the story about your million versions of ‘There She Goes Again’ (thank you muchly), and THEN to realize it was posted by you! Small cyberworld indeed. Anyroad, ‘see’ you around!

  4. Great man! I´m very into The La´s (again) but never like now. I really don´t think There She Goes is the best ever song (1st place for a Bealte one, thank you) but hey, this is a nice job you did over a super nice song.
    Just one thing: to the somebody here who compared this beautiful song with We Built This City On Rock and Roll’ by Starship…¿this is a joke, right ??

  5. Is right, la. I’ve been meaning to hunt down all the verions myself for years, but never got round to it. Thanks loads for doing this, and if I make the top 10 then send over the free sample too!

    Thanks again fella

  6. Wow, what a great site!
    But the links are dead on this post, and i’m dying to hear all those versions, possible to do a re-post? Please?

    Best wishes
    Sebastian, Sweden

  7. Yeah. This is great. But completely obsessive. I wonder what the man himself would think of all this. Probably a load of shit, I expect. Can I have a copy though? I’m close to the wire – number 8!


  8. I wholeheartedly agree There she Goes is the greatest rock song ever….my all time favorite…I can’t get enough of listening to it, and I’m over 70…I think it’s amazingly beautiful and catchy and love the Sixpence version too….I don’t know how to download anything..just wish all versions were on one CD.!

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