Jimmy Page’s broken finger


No need to take it out on me wee man. Click here.

1 thought on “Jimmy Page’s broken finger”

  1. Hey don’t be dissin my pals The Fall , if you wanna know what he’s singing about tune in , he is drinking as usual waiter brings him fresh drink , therefor 2 the cash is on the table you dont have to disturb me whilst I,m lost in music Im doin a wee dip aagh I’m trapped at the table oh now my jackets caught the table I’d better dip the other way , oh this pubs been tarted up recently , I’d rather be lost in music than give a couchez about what this place looks like , stop interfering with my buzz , look i told you already the moneys on the table , oh look I was enjoying myself there , ***k you , I’m here cos I ain’t working I’m enjoying a drink and a dip to the sounds I’m payed for the drinks it’s on the table now leave me to enjoy my hard earned buzz! cretin va te faire foutre ,it’s my private place and time in this space and sound so leave my buzz alone !
    And really that is what their covers all about innit , aye is but is it no ? if ye catch ma parle am frae glasgae pal!

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