Cover Versions

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction triple-whammy +1


Devo ‘Satisfaction’. Quirky, jerky, punky and funky. Jeez, I’ve waited ages to use the phrase that best describes this track. Nothing like the Stones original at all. For all you young folk out there, imagine Franz Ferdinand doing the twist with Scary Monsters-era Bowie. Played on elastic band guitar strings.


The Residents Satisfaction’ sounds nothing like the Stones or Devo’s versions, or indeed anything on earth. Bits of it sound like an aeroplane taking off, bits of it sound like those folk you hear playing solos in guitar shops, bits of it sound like the Butthole Surfers. It might as well be called something else, cos it’s almost totally unrecognisable from the tune you expect to hear. It’s uneasy listening and I don’t like it, but you might.  


Bjork & PJ Harvey Satisfaction’ at the 1994 Brit Awards. PJ comes on like an out of tune ice queen doing Siouxsie Sioux for Stars In Their Eyes. Bjork gradually fades in with her out-in-the-stratosphere backing vocals, and the whole thing turns into a tense claustrophobic work out. Bjork’s singing is magic, and even PJ is in tune by the end. A hey-hey-hey!


Otis Redding ‘Satisfaction’. Otis turned Woodstock (or was it Monterey?) onto soul. White men can’t dance, but even Keith Richards acknowledges this version as being better than the Stones original. Stax horns replace the fuzztone guitar riff, the vocals are, well, blacker, and the whole thing packs a punch that only the cloth eared couldn’t appreciate.