Wayne Fontana’s mind is well and truly bent

No downloads today, just a bit of news.

I read today that 60s pop star Wayne Fontana is off to the loony bin after he admitted setting fire to a bailiff’s car when he turned up at his house with a warrant. The Mindbenders singer (better known to his mum as Glyn Ellis) let the bailiff in, then while he was in his house, he poured petrol over the bailiff’s car.  “I’m going to burn you,” he told the bailiff. That’ll teach them to show up unannounced with a warrant. Wayne is now off to a psychiatric hospital in Manchester where he will be assessed. Not that he will need much assessing….


As you can see he turned up for court yesterday dressed as the Old Bailey’s Statue Of Justice. He carried a sword, wore a crown and a cape and wore dark glasses because he claimed that “justice is blind”. Apparently he told the judge he was just arson about with the petrol and matches.


He used to be quite normal.

I have a prize for the first person who can name me 3 Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders hits. No Googling allowed. Leave your answers in the comment box. Answers will be checked using the Guiness Book of British Hit Singles.

2 thoughts on “Wayne Fontana’s mind is well and truly bent”

  1. 1. Um, Um, Um, Um, Um
    2. Pamela, Pamela
    3. 24 Sycamore

    I’m surprised no one else seems to have answered yet. However, from memory I can’t be sure if all these were with the Mindbenders, or some of them after Wayne went solo.

  2. I would say 1 and 2 above plus ‘The Game of Love’ were all Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders. Were thay actually on the Fontana label as well ??

    They had a Wayne-less hit with ‘Groovy kind of love’ before ‘dude with a stocking over his head’ tainted the memory of cool little song. Eric Stewart later of 10cc did vocal honours if rapidly ailing pub quiz music trivia memory serves me correct.

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