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A new world record

I go to about 2 gigs a year. Way back in my youth I would go to 2 a week. Now it’s 2 a year. Usually Bob Dylan and Teenage Fanclub. I’ve seen Teenage Fanclub live at least once every year since 1990. I’ve probably seen the Trash Cans as many times or more as well. OK. Make that 3 gigs a year.  Point is, I don’t go to that many any more.

So, a wee burst of gig action has taken place recently. Hot on the heels of, yes, Bob Dylan and the Trash Cans (if I’d remembered which night they were on. Idiot. Haven’t seen them live in 2007 yet), I have recently seen Candie Payne and King Creosote.


Candie Payne first. Hotly tipped, great reviews and rightly so. A fine voice, a backing band stuck in 1964 (the best bits of 1964) and enough good tunes to suggest she is more Saint Etienne than Dido, which is what I’d secretly feared. She is being compared to Dusty In Memphis, but that frankly is a bit too much. Still, she was pretty good. Her new album is a good bet for the Mercury Prize this year. Frank suggets you stick a tenner on it…

King Creosote sounds or looks nothing like Candie Payne but his gig was just as enjoyable. He can sing a bit, plays a mean accordion and has funny between-song banter. Best song of the night was a new one about having seen Grease too many times. “You’re not the one I want. No, no, no.” He is self-deprecating and as far removed from pop stardom as you can imagine. Which is just how I’d like you to stay please, Mr Creosote. Go and see him if you get the chance.


In the meantime, here’s 2 interesting covers.         

  Candie Payne does Iggy Pop’s ‘Nightclubbing’ (plays in iTunes only)

   King Creosote does Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’.

(Man, they love Jeff Buckley round here!)