Talk About Pop Music


There’s a new Stooges album out. Apparently it’s really poor. The Plain Or Pan spies out there tell me it’s one outdated heavy metal solo after another. So. I won’t be listening to it. I like my Stooges just they way they were. Great music for washing the floor to. You can really mop with attitude to ‘1969’. Sometimes I even get the hand claps in as I mop. Takes practise, but it’s worth it. Why do old bands insist on reforming? Actually, we all know why. Ker-ching. But the Stooges could’ve just done a one-off Greatest Hits tour and be done with it. At least the Police are sticking to that part of the deal.  In this month’s Mojo, Iggy says how he wanted credibility, and didn’t want to do an Eagles (ie, Ker-Ching). My friend worked at Hampden a few years back when the Eagles played. She said they flew in on 4 separate planes, drove to the show in 4 separate cars, got handed 4 separate play lists and left at the end in 4 separate cars. None of this new album crap. In, out give us the money. Iggy. You have let me down.

Back in the days when the Stooges were long dead, Iggy should’ve been long dead, and his credibility was certainly dead, he recorded some stuff for Virgin. What we have here is a curio – the Long Video edit (whatever that means) of ‘Wild America’. This track is interesting for 2 reasons. 1. It was only ever released on promo, and 2. Iggy breaks off from singing now and again to tell you the story of his life. Talking about Pop music, if you will. It’s pretty weird, but pretty excellent too. You’ll love it.