You Love Us (Heavenly Records)

You! Love! Us!

The original Manic Street Preachers. 4 of them. White jeans. Sloganeering. Fur coats. Mascara. Johnny Thunders haircuts. I saw them in King Tuts around the time this single was released and they were fantastic and hilarious in equal parts. Part Clash. Part Spinal Tap. Anyway, the Heavenly version of You Love Us features the Iggy Pop ‘Lust For Life’ ending. It was  re-recorded for their debut album and they binned the Iggy ending in favour of an ‘Appetite For Destruction’ Guns ‘n Roses ending. Sounded glossier and more rawk, but I’ve always preferred the original version. Cos I’m a  snob. And I bought it first time round. CD single and 7″ from a bargain bin in a Glasgow record shop. The Manics couldn’t give their records away in those days, but within a few months this record was highly sought after and still goes for a tidy sum on eBay. Listen here.

For some reason, the CD database incorrectly labels this single as the ‘New Art Riot’ ep, so when you download it, it won’t say ‘You Love Us’ in the file name.