The new Arcade Fire single is here


For those of you unlucky enough to score tickets to the Arcade Fire’s upcoming UK tour, and for those of you who don’t have the spare £7000 to blow on eBay, here‘s the new single, ‘Keep The Car Running’. I heard it for the first time last night on BBC6 music and I was mightily impressed. A quick hunt around t’internet uncovered it in all it’s reasonably high quality mp3 glory. I take no credit for owning this track, I am merely the conduit between it and you. If you loved the ‘Funeral’ album you’ll love this.

Christ, I really hope they don’t become the new Coldplay.


Good evening, lurkers!


Howdy! Come on in! Make yourself at home! But feel free to leave a comment. If this site counted towards the new improved UK charts, the Trashcan Sinatras ‘Snow’ would surely be Top 10 by now. Tell your friends! Come back again! But will someone please leave a comment?


Salut tout le monde!

I’ve been wondering how to do a blog for ages…………………………and here I am. Now. If I could only work out how to upload music files and the likes onto it, it may turn out to be quite passable. Otherwise, there’s little point in me being here.

I’m off to work out how to share some of my vast record collection with you. I may be gone some time.

Ah. Right. This might not work, but we’ll try it.

Not quite indicative of what I had in mind, but it’s the first file I came to on my hardrive. Me mucking about with a wee 4 track portastudio I got dead cheap off of eBay.

Hey! That worked! Stand by for more, better, sounds…..