Do Me A Wee Favour, Eh?

May 10, 2012

If you haven’t done so already, could you take 20 seconds of your time to ‘like’ Plain Or Pan on Facebook? Shallower than the wee end at the Magnum, I know, but it would make me happy. Click the logo or see down at the bottom of the sidebar.

Thank You

If you only know Led Zeppelin for bombast and pomp, listen to this (70s Rod Stewart could’ve done a great version of it if someone had pointed him in the right direction at the time.)

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  1. Shameless plug Mr Phil: go and like facebook.com/5hungryjoes
    Go on, you know you want to

  2. Done and dusted Mr Hungry Joe. Favour returned. Cheers!

    By the way, 5 Hungry Joes is a great wee site. If you’ve never been before, click the link on the right hand side, just over there —–>

  3. [...] Click here to go to Plain or Pan to check Led Zep’s “Thank You”…look carefully, and you will see the link.  Plus hit like on their facebook too…always good tunes to be had their Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. [...]

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